How to stay cool on your summer vacation

Preparations for summer have begun! It’s time to bust out your favorite swimsuit, rock those shades you have, and get your tan on! Here's how to stay cool.

5 ways to stay cool on your Summer Vacation at the Beach!

Preparations for summer have begun! It’s time to bust out your favorite swimsuit, rock those shades you have, and get your tan on! There’s plenty of fun things to do, in Gulf shores – but if you’re not sure how to stay cool? Don’t worry-  we’ve got your back. These tips will help you keep your cool out in the sun on the beach of Gulf Shores Alabama.


1.  Use Sun Block to reduce the risk of a Sun burn!

No matter your complexion, you should always wear SPF sunscreen when you go out in the sun! Without protection, your skin is at risk from those nasty UV rays. Damage from the sun can lead to wrinkles, nasty burns and even skin cancer. Let’s be honest- The burn is bad enough! To help prevent this, be sure to pick the right  sunscreen. Be sure to look for sunscreens that are broad spectrum. This means that it protects your skin from UVB rays that cause burns and UVA rays that cause early aging. Don’t forget to lather up! If you’re out eating seafood at The Hangout you can always stop at our retail shop for for sunscreen on your way out to the Gulf Shores beach.

2. Eat more food with Lycopene.

Lycopene is your new best friend. Lycopene is an antioxidant-like carotenoid that gives red and pink fruits and veggies their bright color. Yum! It’s basically your skin’s natural SPF. Making foods like cooked tomatoes, pink grapefruit, and watermelon part of your weekly diet can actually reduce the amount of redness your skin may show after sun damage. This is a natural way to build tolerance to the sun. Science is cool!

3. Wear your hats and sunnies!

Don’t forget to protect your eyes and head! Our skin is already pretty fragile, but the skin under our eyes is even more thin and fragile than the rest of our body. Do it a favor and keep it lookin’ right! Those sunglasses you spent way more money on than you can even understand, put them to use! Please give your face a break from those rays! Keep a hat handy.

4. Know when your time is up

Everyone has a time limit to when their melanin production is cutoff. Melanin is what gives skin its pigmentation. After you pass this natural cutoff time, your skin becomes vulnerable to the sun’s rays, and you are at risk of UV damage. Those with fair skin can have cutoff times as low as 45 minutes in direct sunlight, but the time typically ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours. So start slow! Don’t go all-out your first day, stop by one of Gulf Shores’ many attractions first!

5. Stay hydrated, baby!

You should already be drinking plenty of water, but you DEFINITELY should stay hydrated when you’re going outside in the sun. Being hydrated will help preserve your skin cells’ life. And it’ll definitely make your tan last longer! Don’t be a stranger to H20, it’s literally 70% of your body’s makeup, get comfy with it!

Safe ways to get your tan on at the beach!