5 Famous Photo Ops in The Hangout Courtyard

The Hangout is a world-renowned entertainment venue and family restaurant, the perfect celebration for your whole family, all year-round! There is live music every night, line dances and a non-stop party, where 59 ends and the fun begins!

These are a few must-see photo op spots if you are traveling to Gulf Shores for spring break, fall break or summer vacation:
rainbow wall
1. The Rainbow Wall

The most recent addition to our courtyard is the rainbow wall! It has become one of our most magical photo ops. It is also the home of our Henna & Hair Wrap Shop, The Hangout Logo Shop, and the Rainbow Ice Cream Shop, where we sell delicious cold treats all summer long!

giant beach chair

Perhaps our most well-known photo op is our giant beach chairs. Groups large & small can pile in our colorful chairs to create the perfect shot! Throw up your Shaka and make sure to tag us and use our hashtag #HangoutHappy.


Be careful what you wish for! The wish wall works better than birthday candles, wishing wells, dandelions, and shooting stars! Write down your wish, take a photo, and watch the magic happen. Let us know next time you visit if your wish has come true!


Another Instagrammable family photo op is at our Surfing Shaka Man. Standing at a whopping 20 feet, this shaka man riding a surfboard through the crowd is a Hangout courtyard staple. The Shaka Man is located at the end of the rainbow wall across from the Mermaid Stage & Mermaid Bar. Take a photo with your whole crew. Whether it’s your family, friends, or sports team, this is a great memory to take home with you!

5. The Giant Shaka Hand

Last, and certainly not least, is our giant Shaka hand. Snap a pic with your best friends and always remember our motto, “Laugh Hard, Smile Big, Dance Wild, Sing Loud, Give Hugs, Hang Loose, Have Fun, Love Life and remember, these are the good ole days!”

That’s it! Now you are ready to create memories and fun at The Hangout. We hope to see you soon and remember folks, it’s the PERFECT day to have the PERFECT day!