Hangout Hospitality Group Jobs Relief Program

We are offering full-time employment in Gulf Shores, housing included, from Memorial Day until Labor Day. Successful participants will be given an opportunity to bring their family to the beautiful Alabama beaches for quality time at the end of summer.


Hangout Hospitality Group is offering relief to restaurant workers that have been affected by closures and capacity constraints in markets such as Birmingham, Montgomery, New Orleans, Atlanta and even as far as New York, Chicago, and Seattle.  From Memorial Day until Labor Day, we are offering employment at one renowned concepts on the coast. In order to create more jobs, we have temporarily discontinued our participation in seasonal international student work programs to accommodate domestic employees that were impacted by COVID-19. 


Those who participate in the program will be provided with full-time employment from Memorial Day to Labor Day as well as housing and transportation to and from work. Successful participants will be offered the opportunity to bring their family at the end of summer to spend quality time at the beautiful Alabama beaches, in partnership with Luckybird Vacations.

Apply online today at the links below:
Sunliner Diner: